True innovations have a lasting effect because they positively influence the future, just like those you can find in the STAF59 professional lines of batch-freezers and pasteurisers, in the fields of comfort, safety and prestige.

The result?

All STAF59 machines represent the reference standard in the ice cream / gelato and catering segment.

The inverter technology, developed in collaboration with TOSHIBA, allows a density control with unique features, to operate the overrun, adjusting the agitator speed to obtain ice creams / gelato and semifreddo with different volumes.

It protects the mechanical transmission, the motor and optimizes power consumption.

Extremely easy to use in its standard functions, each professional machine in the ‘Staff’ range represents a great resource for the ice-cream maker and restaurateur: the perfect integration between the basic electronics and the inverter allows any mixture to be made, as if it were made by hand.

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