We take care of you.

Improving the well-being of our customers and preserving their health over time is one of our priorities.

That is why our Smartgel & SmartMix are ergonomically designed with the aim of facilitating every step of the production process.

✅ Two different heights are available and specific models are equipped with a retractable step built into the machine to avoid the use of temporary ladders.

💡We put your needs at the centre of the design, creating a machine that is intuitive and easy to use.

🍦An ergonomically optimised workstation can improve productivity and increase the quality of work itself.

Save time, effort and stress, concentrate on your sweet creations and let the STAF59 take care of the rest.

Simplicity, efficiency and experience come together in one extraordinary machine that will lift your business to new levels of excellence!

Discover the Smartgel & SmartMix lines and contact us for an appointment.